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First Posted: Aug 4, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Monterufoli Pony

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Country of Origin: Italy

It is thought that the Monterufoli Pony comes from a breed that is now extinct known as the "race of Selvena." The area of origin of Monterufolino largely coincides with the current Nature Reserve Monterufoli-Caselli. This is a hilly area between 100 meters, (320 yards) and 560 meters (612 yards or 0.347727 miles) above sea level. The breed is rare. There are now approximately 200 ponies. In 1980 the numbers were only a few dozen. The University of Florence Zootecniche studies the morphology, genetics and functionality of the Monterufoli Pony.

Physical Description

The ponies are small and dark bay in color. There are other dark colors, as well. There are sometimes white markings such as blazes or stars. Their manes and tail are full and dark. The profile is straight. The pony is hardy and strong. Through cross breeding, the Maremmani, Tolfectani and Oriental horses have enhanced the breed. The ponies are found in a number of provinces: Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. They are found in the Tuscan territory.


The ponies are used for riding and for their economic value.

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