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First Posted: July 8, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Moyle Horse

Photo from Oklahoma State University Breeds of Livestock

The horse is famous for its frontal bosses thought to be inherited from Asian ancestors. The descriptions of the "horns" vary from calcium-like deposits on the temple to small horns behind or near the ear. The two other breeds of horned horses are the Datong breed, found in China and the Carthusian, found in Spain. The Moyle horse's history and lineage is not known. However, we do know that he Moyle was brought to the United States by Rex Moyle. The Moyle was developed in Idaho by Rex Moyle from Mustangs brought from Utah and is named after him. The horses, developed in the mid-20th century and usually are bay or brown. According to some studies, it is said that the Moyle may have descended from the Spanish Carthusian horses.

These horses are extraordinarily fast and agile--more than most breeds. The Moyle horses perform well in the equestrian arena as well. They excel on race tracks, endurance competitions, and do well over jumps. They are extremely strong. Their conformation is stronger than most breeds. The Moyle horse has an exceptionally large rib cage and its internal organs are large. The Moyle has strong shoulders that are widely spaced and muscular forelegs. The Moyle breed is rare and its numbers are declining. The horse is intelligent and willful; however, also friendly.

Cryptozoology.com had the following quote:

"Actually, there are horses with rudimentary horns. Two horns, not one. I can't recall the breed name right now, but there is a herd in Oregon I think. They were originally owned by a LDS rancher, and now are used for endurance riding. Apparently they have a slightly different conformation, with a freer gliding shoulder set farther forward on the body. The 'horns' are more like a leg chestnut, a horny growth, and they never get very big. The horses with horns appear in history, here and there. Andalusians and related Spanish breeds are capable of producing them, as are some Oriental breeds."

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