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First Posted: Aug 8,, 2009
Sep 24, 2010

Mpar Pony

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Country of Origin: Republic of Senegal, Western Africa (Arachidier Basin and in area around Niayes)


The Mpar Pony traces to the Berber horse. The ponies tend to be small. Poor foraging conditions due to climate, topography, poor economic conditions and lack of management and maintenance contributed to the degeneration of the breed. The body size and mass were diminished. Now the larger M'Bayar Pony has replaced the Mpar Pony.

Physical Description

The Mpar Pony is small standing approximately 13 hands high at the withers. The neck is short and Axthieb,* (from the photo the pony looks almost ewe necked), has a deep chest, straight back, sloping croup, solid hindquarters, and has a rectangularly shaped body. The colors are mostly brown, bay or chestnut.

*Axthieb - It is difficult to give an English translation of this German word, especially as it relates to horses. The term "axe cut" is used to describe where the neck meets the withers. A dip can be seen. The depth of the transition from the neck to the withers is also used.


The Mypar Pony is used in agriculture and for light draft purposes.


Mypar Pony

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