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First Posted: Aug 6, 2009 Updated:
Feb 10, 2014

Navarra Pony, Caballo Espanol or Subraza de Navarre

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Country of Origin: Spain

Navarra Pony, Caballo Español or Subraza de Navarra are names that you will see for this pony. They are a North Iberian Mountain Pony. These ponies are being bred in the Urbasa Nature Reserve. The province of Navarra, between the Pyrenees and the valley of the Ebro, in the region around Pamplona is their homeland. The ponies live there semi-wild in small herds.

Physical Description

The pony stands 12 hands to 12.3 hands at the withers. They are generally dark brown without white markings. medium head, straight profile, small ears, mouse, muscular, wide neck, strong, deep body, sloping croup, short coupling, solid legs, hard, round hooves. They are forward moving and sure footed. They have an abundant mane and tail. These ponies are tough, easy keepers and healthy. They are intelligent with a lively temperament. This breed has influenced other breeds such as the Andalusian.


Stallions are used in other regions of Spain to breed small, useful horses. They can be used for riding and carting, as well.

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