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First Posted: July 11, 2009
Sep 26, 2010

North American Single Foot Gaited Horse Breed

Coral LaCE is a Foundation Sire of the North American Single Footing Horse
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Country of Origin: United States

Single footing horses come in many varieties, sizes, colors and coat patterns. They must be of good temperament, willing, have endurance, easy to train, have good gait, and be smooth at all speeds of gait. They are a light breed with a solid conformation. They must be able to perform an even 4-beat gait. Some are able to reach speeds of up to 20 mph. At the fastest speeds these horses will be traveling with one foot on the ground at a time, thus the name "single-footing." The horse will not have a head nod or bob. The Single Footers generally travel with head up, "star gazing." They also tend to round their backs instead of arch them. "Many may stretch out, lowering their heads at the racing single-foot. The horse may have other gaits, as well."

The North American Single Foot Breed is versatile. There are 5 divisions with special categories and over 50 categories in which horses can earn rewards. They are not into the show horse but rather into the working horse.

Special Interest:

Unlike most Horse Breed Associations, the North American Single Foot Association judges the horse's qualities by trail riders, owners, working ranchers and breeders. Pleasure trail, competition trail, and working trail are abilities that are desired in the breed along with the specific qualities mentioned above.

It is the creed of the Association to be natural with their horses and ask the horse to perform in that way. No severe or artificial equipment is permitted. The horse must perform with the best of its natural ability.

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