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First Posted: July 14, 2009
Sep 26, 2010

Quarab Horse


Country of Origin: United States


A Quarab is a horse of exclusively Arabian and Paint or Quarter Horse breeding. It is a wonderful blend of Pleasure type and Stock Type. A Quarab can be "custom made" for your choice of style and movement, size and athleticism, and a wonderful temperament to go with it!

Physical Description

The Quarab's body type may resemble more the stock-horse type with muscular forearm and gaskin and well-rounded hip, or the Arabian type with long, well-arched neck, long barrel, and level croup. The head usually shows refinement, large eyes, wide forehead, and slight to extreme dish in the face, depending on the ratio of Arabian to Quarter Horse blood. Height ranges from 14 to 16 hands.

Interesting Facts

Quarabs can excel in many arenas, from Pleasure and Halter, Jumping, Driving, & Dressage, to Cattle classes, Reining, Trail/Endurance Riding and more!


1. Quarter Horse 2. Arab

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