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First Posted: July 15, 2009
Sep 26, 2010

Quarter Pony

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Country of Origin: United States

So---Just what is a Quarter Pony? Simply, a Quarter Pony is a Quarter Horse, but small. They measure between 46 to 58 inches at the withers. They must have stock type characteristics. They are versatile, intelligent, willing, well conformed and agile.

The National Quarter Pony Association was organized in 1975 to record and preserve the pedigrees of Quarter Ponies. The association provides information for its members and the general public on the matters pertaining to shows, contests, and projects designed to improve the breed.


EquinePost Breed Description

Physical Description

Most quarter ponies average around 13.2h and weigh 800-900 pounds, however, many breeders are beginning to raise quarter ponies weighing in excess of 1100, pounds at 11.2h-14h tall. The head is short but broad, small ears, wide set, large kind eyes, the jaw well developed, the nostrils good size, and the Quarter Pony has a firm mouth. The head joins the neck at approximately a 45º angle. The neck is medium length and slightly arched. The Quarter Pony is well proportioned. The withers is usually medium high, the shoulders are deep sloping, the chest is deep and broad, the forelegs are heavy, the cannons short, fetlocks clean, medium length pasters and sound feet. The coupling is short and powerful. The ribs are well sprig to the hip joints, there is a good underline and topline, the barrel is deep. The hind quarters are broad and heavy, well muscled through the thigh, stifle, gaskin and hock. The muscles is strong inside and out. The hocks are wide, deep, straight and clean. The pony has a big engine! The feet are well formed, rounded with lots of space. The bone is of substance. The Quarter Pony has excellent balance and collects well. Colors: Sorrel, bay, black, brown, palomino, roan, grulla, dun, buckskin, gray, in solid or multi colors of pinto or appaloosa (spotted). Their temperaments are kind and gentle. They are intelligent.


Show, pleasure, driving and gymkhana

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