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First Posted: July 30, 2009
Sep 26, 2010

Sandalwood or Sandel (Sumba and Sumbawa Ponies Are Closely Related)

Sandalwood Pony

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Country of Origin: Indonesia


The Sandalwood Pony originated in Indonesia, on the Sumba and Sumbawa Islands. It is named after the Sandalwood trees, which are a major export of the country. The Sandalwood pony is one of the finest in the country, partly due to the great amount of Arabian blood. They are very nice children's ponies, and have been exported to Australia. The Sandalwood Pony has also been exported to other Southeast Asian countries for use as racing ponies. They have been crossed with Thoroughbred blood and are used in racing on Cambodian and Thai racing tracks.

Physical Description

Sandalwoods have incredible endurance. they are very easy to manage. Generally they have a nice head, small ears, a short, muscular neck, and a deep chest with a sloping shoulder. The back is usually long, and the croup is sloping. The ponies are usually 12-13 hh, and may be any color.


The Sandalwood is used for light draft, pack, farm, and riding work. They are especially popular in horse racing, both on the flat and in harness. They are also used in the bareback races held on the islands, which are often over three miles long.

There are eight breeds native to Indonesia, the Batak Pony, Gayoe, Deli pony, Bali Pony, Java Pony, Sumba and Sumbawa Pony (and closely related Sandalwood Pony) and Timor Pony.

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