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First Posted July 20, 2009
Feb 2, 2011

Somali Pony or Dor, Nugali, Mijertinian, and Daror

Note: I received this e-mail regarding the Somali Pony and wanted to make it available: Hi, am Somali born and raised in Somalia and I do live currently in the U.S.. I really appreciate that you took the time and trouble to write about horses, especially those from my country Somalia. I've read your article...about the Somali ponies. It is impressive piece of work but there is a mistake though. When it says 'It is known under different names such as the Dor, Nogali, Mijertinian, and Daror.' These names does not exist in the Somali except the "Nugali" one, which is also misspelled. I really appreciated if you make some changes. Thank you for your time.

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Country of Origin: Somalia

The Somali Pony origins are East Africa; the country of Somalia. It is known under different names such as the Dor, Nogali, Mijertinian, and Daror. However, there are subtle differences between these ponies. It should be noted that these animals are actually horses but being north equitorial they are of diminished size. The severe climate and poor food sources contribute to their smaller size. The Somali Pony is rare. It is bred by most tribes excluding the Esa and Géri. The Dolbanhanta tribe is the breeder of the largest number of ponies.

Physical Description

The Somali Pony is 13-13 1/2 hh. They have heavy heads, short, thick necks, with inharmonious conformations. The pony is able to carry light weight very well and for long distances. It has extremely hard hooves; some say harder than the Arabian horses. They can gallop and perform better without shoes because of the terrain and the nature of their feet. The Somali Pony can go three days or longer without water and eats only grass. They require virtually no care. They are extremely hardy and perfectly adapted to their hostile environment. They often are tick infested with the Kudkudaha tick which reaches a size of 1/2 inch in diameter. These ticks are reported to be really nasty bloodsuckers!


The Somali Pony is used for riding as well as packing. They are bred for use in intertribal fighting. The mares are most prized for this purpose.


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