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First Posted: Nov 8,, 2010
Nov 8, 2010

South German Horse


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Country of Origin: Germany History

The South German Horse descended from the Austrian Noriker. In the end of the 19th century the Noriker was introduced to Bavaria. Holstein and Oldenburg breeds were added to the breeding program in Upper Bavaria. In Lower Bavaria Oldenburg, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdales and Belgian Draft Horses were used as outcrosses by those breeders. Over time the German breeders used the original Noriker blood to upgrade their breeding program. The South German Horse was first named the Pinzgauer Noriker because it was bred in the region of Salzburg Province of Austria. In time, the German bred breed became known as the ?South German Heavy Horse.

Mainly bred in Bavaria and Baden Wurtemburg, today, the South German Horse resembles the Noriker. The South German Horse is smaller than the Norker and stands at

15.3hh, is well-proportioned, calm and docile. The colors are brown, bay and chestnut.

This breed is used for agriculture and is popular in parades and shows.

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