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First Posted: July 20, 2009
Aug 15, 2010

Spanish-Norman Horse Breed

Countries of Origin: Spain and France


The Spanish-Norman horse is considered an exclusive and rare breed. Genetically the Spanish-Norman is a blending of the Andalusian and the Percheron. This breed is suited for many disciplines including war. It was used on the battlefield in Europe by noblemen. It has been said that "The warhorse of the ages is the sport horse of today." Brave, courageous, strong and great endurance make this breed a special choice.

"Research shows that early Spanish horses influenced the development of the now lost Norman horses of medieval France. Norman horses infused with Barb blood contributed to the equine type that would eventually come to be known as Percheron, after the Les Perches region of France. Both the horses of Andalusia and Normandy possessed an infusion of Barb blood from the Moorish invasions. Blood typing studies by Dr. E. Gus Cothran of the University of Kentucky, have located similar genetic markers in both breeds. With their common oriental ancestry, breeding Andalusians to Percherons produces offspring approximating the type of the old Norman horse, prized for carrying the knights to victory centuries ago."

In 1991 the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry was created to record the pedigrees of this special breed. The Registry was started by Allan and Linda Osterman Hamid of Hamid Hill Farm, Ltd., Woodbury, Connecticut.

Physical Characteristics

The Spanish-Normal Horse Breed stands between 15.5hh to 17 hands. Their colors include gray, bay and black. They are an extremely athletic breed, are calm, docile, intelligent, easy to train, willing, have long arched necks, short backs, solid shoulders, powerful hindquarters, excellent hooves and strong legs. Physical characteristics of this athletic breed are large expressive eyes; long graceful necks; laid back shoulders that blend smoothly into short backs; strong hindquarters; and sturdy feet and legs. They are forward and free movers, collected with extension and elevation.


Because of their power, grace, athletic ability, size and the above characteristics they are used in jumping, eventing, dressage and driving. They perform in medieval games and historical re-enactments, are also excellent pleasure, parade and exhibition horses.


1. Andalusian of Spain (2) Percheron of France

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