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First Posted July 21, 2009
Dec 14, 2009

Taishuh or Taisu Horse Breed

Taishuh Horse Breed

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Country of origin: Japan

Also known as the Taisu, this breed of horse originated on the Tsu Island of Japan. It is used for riding and light draft. The Taishuh is an ancient breed which is believed to date back to the eighth century. There were more than 4000 of them in 1920, but today only about sixty-five remain.


The Taishuh is a strong and rugged animal with sturdy legs. They have fairly large heads and hold their heads horizontally, and like most Japanese horse breeds, it is rather small, with the usual height being less than 14.2 hands high (under 147 centimeters). Noted for their gentle nature and strong willingness to obey, these ponies are often ridden by farmers' wives and children. The common colors are bay, cremello, chestnut, roan, and brown. Some Taishuhs may have a black dorsal stripe.

Three Taishuh ponies have been sent to the national animal husbandry center in Hokkaido for special attention.

Taishuh ponies are also known for their endurance and ability to survive on little food and severe weather.

Their situation is critical as their numbers are few. They are rare.

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