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First Posted: June 28, 2009
Sep 28, 2010

Tawleed Horse Breed

Tawleed Horse
Image Credit - Omdurman-Tuti Island jetty, Sudan.

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Country of Origin: Sudan

The country of origin is Sudan, the region of Khartoum. There is not much information available on this breed. There are several reasons for this lack of knowledge. For example, the political climate in the Sudan makes is quite difficult and dangerous to travel. Also, these animals live in a area that is not easily accesssible. The Sudan Country Bred was crossed with the Thoroughbred in order to produce a light riding horse. The Tawleed horse is not used in the arena of international competition.

What is known about the Tawleed horse breed is that it is used by the indigenous people of the Sudan in the mountanous areas. The breed is an extremely easy keeper. They are strong and sturdy with excellent endurance. These horses are good riding horses. The horse's gaits are not known nor are the color variations. However, it is thought that the breed will be able to be DNA traced to Thoroughbred blood.

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