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First Posted: July 13, 2009
Jun 13, 2012

Tennuvian Horse Breed Gaited

Country of Orign: United States

The Tennuvian has smooth gaits much like the Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed is smaller than a Tennessee Walking Horse and has a head much like a Peruvian Paso Fino, small and refined. The Tennuvian is able to gait for long distances, has good endurance, good hoof, comes in all colors and is comfortable for the rider. The temperament is gentle, intelligent, easy to train, willing, and wants to please. Its genesis was a cross between the Tennessee Walking Horse and the Peruvian Paso Fino.

A registry was founded, the Tennuvian Horse Registry in 1991. The Tennessee Walking Horse-Peruvian Horse cross is accepted for registration, as are Tennuvian to Tennuvian, and Tennuvian to either Tennessee Walker or to Peruvian.


The gaits are 4-beat, generally smoother than a Tennessee Walker but with a large reach or stride like the Peruvian Paso. It has been described as a "soft prance."

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