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First Posted: July 24, 2009
Nov 8, 2010

Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse Breed

Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse


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Country of Origin: Russia

Vladimir Heavy Draft on a Russian stamps

The Vladimir Heavy Draft is a breed of draft horse which comes from Vladimir, in the former USSR. It is a strong horse that is an all-around draft horse of medium size.


This horse was developed in the province after which it is named at the turn of the 20th century. Today, its breeding is widespread. The imported foundation stock was mainly British, consisting of the Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale and Shire horse. Some Ardennes (horse) and Percheron were also used. In 1946, the Vladimir Heavy Draft was found to be breeding sufficiently true to be type to consider it a true breed. This quick-maturing, strong, heavy horse is popular for draft work. It is also used for pulling Vladimir trokia sleighs.

Breed Characteristics

The Vladimir Draft Horse has a head which is large and long, with a Roman nose (convex profile) or straight. The jaw line is heavy. The ears pricked forward. The neck is strong and long and set in powerful shoulders. The back, although broad, can be weak. The croup is long, with a definite slope and the girth is deep with muscular hindquarters. The abdominal area is tucked up. The limbs are strong with feathering that often have white markings. The legs tend to be short. The chest is more developed than that of the Clydesdale, and is very broad. The withers are quite pronounced. The hooves are strong, broad and round. All solid colors are allowed. Bay is its most common color, but some are black or chestnut. They stand between 15-16.1 hands high. They weigh between 1,500-1,675 pounds.

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