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First Posted: July 24, 2009
Sep 29, 2010

Welara Pony breed

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Country of Origin: United States of America


The Welara is a cross between the Arabian horse and Welsh pony by Lady Wentworth of Sussex, England. The sire was Skowronek, Polish bred. The mares were imported from Coed Coch Welsh stud farm in North Wales. In 1981 a group of ranchers in southern California established the breed. This cross had been done for years and the offspring were thought to be exceptional. This registry was set up to recognize and benefit the Welarea Pony. Welsh Cobs are also acceptable in the breeding program. The registry has grown in the last number of years and include ponies worldwide.

Physical Characteristics

The Welara Pony is beautiful and refined, gentle, gentle, quick, intelligent and wants to please. They learn quickly and are versatile. They have arched necks, are dished faced like an Arabian, have a high head carriage, are friendly, are strong and larger than most ponies. The ponies range from 46 to 60 inches, have refined heads, feathered feet, good bone and stocky builds-depending on the lineage. The Appaloosa characteristics and coloring are not accepted into the registry. Other colors are acceptable.


These ponies are quite versatile. They are used for riding, competitive trail riding, harness, English pleasure, halter classes, and hunter classes.

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