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First Posted: July 24, 2009
Sep 30, 2010

Yili Horse

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Country of Origin: China


The Yili appeared around 1900. It was influenced by Russian and Mongolian stock. Sometimes this cross breeding is referred to as a "developed breed" or "new breed." They originated in the Yili-Kazakh Autonomous District, Xinjiang Uygur region of China.

Physical Description

The Yili is generally chestnut, black, brown and sometimes gray. Their coat often has a metallic shine. They have a light head and straight profile---no dishing. They are a strong breed, compact, short backed, with a loin area that tends to be long. Their shoulders are nicely sloped, the ribs well sprung. The legs are clean. The hind legs tend to be cow hocked or sickle hocked. This is seen in many of the pony breeds in mountainous regions in China. The tendons are well defined. The Yili have an average length neck which tends to be slightly arched. The withers is prominent but blends well into the back. They stand about 14 hh at the withers.


The Yili are primarily used for riding, driving, some light draft work, endurance and for meat and milk production.

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