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Index/People weight control, nutrition, RX identification, diabetes control, health information, recipes.

People tips for weight control, nutrition, RX identification, diabetes control, interesting health information and recipes.

04-14-2016 Allergens (Indoors)
03-14-2016 CDC's Adult BMI Calculator and Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Excellent resource!
03-19-2010 Losing Weight, Nutrition and Exercise
07-30-2010 Burn 150 calories/15Ways
07-30-2010 Calories Burned Estimator
07-30-2010 Carbohydrates
04-14-2016 Cold, Flu or Allergy?
07-30-2010 Count Your Steps-Weight Loss
09-08-2012 Culinary Schools/Health and Nutrition for Kids Thank you to the children in Ms. Plasse's Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class, Green Mountain Christian School, for providing this link to HorseHints.org.
09-08-2012 Drug Database Identification
09-08-2012 Drugs (Rx) Most Used
04-13-2016 Eat for Health
09-08-2012 Drugs A to Z/Everyday Health
09-08-2012 Exercise/8 Week Slim Down
07-30-2010 Fiber (Soluble Insoluble)
07-30-2010 Food Pyramid
04-14-2016 Food/Selecting and Serviing Food Safely
07-30-2010 Joslin Diabetes Diet Recommendations
09-08-2012 Lose Weight, Journaling
04-14-2016 Leaky Gut Syndrome
10-01-2015 Losing Weight, Nutrition and Exercise
02-19-2010 13 Super Nutritional Foods
07-31-2010 Healthy and Tasty Recipes
09-08-2012 Nutrition and Diet Tools
09-08-2012 Pill or Medication Identifier from WebMD
01-03-2014 Prancercise/Exercise for Humans
02-20-2010 Thanksgiving 2008/Our Dinner Recipes
07-26-2010 Ten Best Slimming Foods
09-08-2012 How to Lose Weight Fast/Weight Control: Nutrition For All Thank you, Liz, for providing this link and a big hello to Ms. Deborah Ward's Delaware Classroom! Good job!
10-17-2013 WebMD