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First Posted: June 24,, 2009
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The Anglo-Arabian has appeared in studs throughout Europe, though most successful Anglo-Arabians (although the name suggests otherwise) actually are bred in France and at the Janow stud in Poland. The name itself comes from the base horses: a cross between the Arabian and the Thoroughbred, a horse originally produced by the English. The idea behind the Anglo-Arabian is to have a horse with the strongest characteristics of both breeds - the stamina and soundness of the Arabian and the speed and scope of the Thoroughbred.

Physical Description

The Anglo-Arabian appears in any solid color, with bay and chestnut being the most common. It stands between 16 and 16.2 hands high, the height taken from the Thoroughbred background, from which it gets most of its physical characteristics. The profile is straight, with a generally straight face and delicate head. The neck is long and arched. The withers are prominent with good shoulders, chest, and strong legs. The tail is set and carried high. The horse is known for being brave, sweet-natured and intelligent.


This recent breed came about in several countries around the same time - that is, where any breeder was interested in the qualities of both the Thoroughbred and the Arabian. Some claim the first Anglo-Arabians appeared in Britain and the breed was later perfected in France. The most successful studs have been Pau, Pompadour, Tarbes, and Gelos in France, and Janow in Poland. The systematic breeding of Anglo-Arabians at these studs goes back about 150 years. Today, entry into the Anglo-Arabian studbook requires that horses must have a minimum of 25 percent Arabian blood with its only ancestors being Arabian, Thoroughbred, or Anglo-Arabian.

Interesting Facts

The Anglo-Arabian possesses distinct traits of both the Arabian and Thoroughbred. The Arabian intelligence, refinement and stamina mix well with the Thoroughbred size and speed. The Anglo-Arabian is an aristocratic athlete with competitive clout.


1. Arabian
2. Thoroughbred

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