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First Posted: June 26, 2009
Jun 17, 2012

Brazilian Sport Horse or Brasileiro de Hipismo

Country of Origin: Brazil
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Breed History

The Brazilian Sport Horses (Brasileiro de Hipismo), a newly developed breed bred specifically for competition in 1970. They are popular in the US and Europe and have successfully completed recent Olympic Games. In 1996 four Brazilian Sport Horses, Aspen, Adelfos, Cassiano Joter, and Calei Joter, competed in the Atlanta Olympics and in Syndey in 2000. Marco Metodo, Aspen, and Calei Joter made a great showing.




Andalusian, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburger, Westphalian, Irish Hunter, Selle Francais, Argentine-Anglo and Belgian Warmbloods all have influenced the Brazilian Sport Horse.


Intelligent, light, gile, quick, athletic and large--height over 16 hands, lively and wanting to please, sweet disposition, solid work ethic, endless ability, calm, brave and balanced. They have excellent endurance and stamina. The conformation of the Brazilian Sport Horse varies because many breeds have influenced this new breed. The breed is agile, has an average size head, a profile that may be straight or convex, a prominent withers, strong legs. The hind end and back are well connected. The gaits are extensive and animated. The trot is very comfortable. They are elegant movers. Although all coat colors are allowed the Brazilian Sport Horse is usually traditional solid and dun in color. Also, the maturity of this breed is longer. It is not unusual for these horses to start their professional careers at four or five years of age. They hold up well--usually into their early or mid teens. The Brazilian Sport Horses are natural competitors.


Show jumping, dressage, eventing, hunter type classes, endurance riding, steeplechase, pleasure and even driving.

The Brazilian Sport Horse may be registered in several different international types of sport horse registries. The Brazilian Sports Horse Breeders Association currently contains approximately 150 breeders from all over Brazil and parts of North and South America.

Sergio Campos is a famous rider and competitor from Brazil that routinely rides Brazilian Sport Horses to championships in many different national and international events.

The Brazilian Sport Horse has to pass a rigorous inspection before they will be entered into the breed registry. Horses are tested for their overall abilities, temperament, and conformation to the goals of the Breeder's Association.

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