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First Posted July 24, 2009
Sep 17, 2010

Datong Horse - A Horned Breed and Gaited

I could not find a picture for the Datong. If you have one it would be very much appreciated. You can view a picture by following the International Encyclopedia link below, under for more information.

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Country of Origin: Quingha, Province China

The Datong Horse dates back at least 4,000 years. There are two types heavy and light.

Physical Characteristics

The Datong Horse has a gentle temperament and excellent endurance, especially at high altitudes, is fast in its gaits (trot and pace) is well muscled with a long body, a heavy head, large nostrils, medium size ears, wide jaw, long limbs, a thin short neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, strong joints and hooves, tends to be sickle hocked, and has a thick mane and tail. The colors are bay, black, chestnut, and sometimes grey. Appaloosa coloring is rarely found. Some of the horses have white markings. They stand 12.2 - 13.3 hh at the withers. Another characteristic sometimes seen in the Datong is the evidence of "horns," actually frontal bosses thought to be inherited from Asian ancestors. The descriptions of the "horns" vary from calcium-like deposits on the temple to small horns behind or near the ear. Two other breeds have these horns: the Carthusian and the Moyle.


These horses are used for riding, hauling, agriculture and endurance.

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