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Country of Origin: Senegal
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The Fleuve hails from Senegal. It was bred to be hardy and strong. Its ancestor is the Barb Horse. These horses can withstand extreme temperatures of cold and heat. They were bred to be work horses to carry packs, transport, and work in agriculture--even though they are a light breed. In the equestrian world they live longer, are really hardy, easy keepers, and have an excellent immune system. They range in size from pony size to horse size, however, 14 hands is the most common height. Their color tends to be gray like their Barb ancestors. They do, however, come in other colors, as well, such as brown or bay. This is a rare breed and is mostly seen in Senegal.

Fleuve horse has been crossed with the M'Bayar horse breed to create the Fouta breed of horse.

First posted: Dec 17, 2014
Last update: Dec 17, 2014