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First Posted: July 22, 2009
Sep 30, 2010

Megezh Horse Breed

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Country of Origin: Siberia now the Soviet Union

Very little is known about this breed, other than that it can be grullo, roan, grey, dun, sorrel, or bay, and that it is a southern type of horse that has strains of

Yakut, Olekminsk, and Suntar horse breeds in its blood. The Megezh is the largest type of the Yakut breed. They come from southwestern Yakutia in the region of Leninsk.

Note: The Yukuy have managed to evolve, adapt and survive, through natural selection, in the inhospitable environment of northern and central Siberia, Russia. The Yakut can withstand temperatures as low as -60F. Over time they have evolved into three types: the northern original, a smaller southern type (the Middle Kolyma or Verkhoyansk horse), and the larger southern type. The southern larger type is widespread in the regions of central Yakutia, including Yakutsk, Namtsi, Orjonikidze, Megino-Kanglass and Amga regions, where trotters and heavy draft horses were used for improvement. The Middle Kolyma is the most valuable of the three because of its size and consistency.

In the later part of the l9th century a tough horse with great endurance was needed for gold mining purposes. Thus the Yakut and Kuznet breeds were crossed and the Megezh Horse emerged. The cross produced an animal that was strong and able to perform the mining work. They were 14-15.1 hh. Other uses included milk and meat production.

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