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First Posted July 14, 2009
Sep 26, 2010

Pinia, Peneia, Geogalidiko or Georgaludiko - Group of similar breeds: Main group Ponies; Subgroup South European ponies

Photo of Pinia Ponies

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Country of Origin: Greece


The Pinia Pony descended from Arab stallions and Automaton Greek Mountain Horse. (Anglo-Arab, Anglo-Norman and Nonius breeding in the 20th century) The Penia is one of several Greek ponies. The pony is found in Western Peloponnese in Greece. The herdbook for the Pinia Pony was founded in 1994. Gray, blue roan, chestnut and bay are the usual colors for the Pinia Pony. The full size male stands about 142 cm at the withers. The pony is rare.


The pony is used for packing and prestige. It has adapted well to the local environment which is unscalable mountains.

Further Facts:

Population size is presently approximately 213. Rate of inbreeding per generation is 0.23%. Although rare, the breed is not considered to be endangered.

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