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First Posted: Sept 28, 2010
Sep 28, 2010

Strelets Horse- An Extinct Breed

Country of Origin: Russia

The Tersk was first developed in the 1920s and 1940s at the Tersk and Stavropol Studs in the Northern Caucasus mountains in Russia. Marshal S. M. Budyonny (who the Budyonny breed is named after) had great input on the breed.

The Tersk was formed mainly from the Strelets Arabians, bred at the Strelets stud in Ukraine and virtually extinct by the 1920s. The Strelets was produced by crossing pure Arabians with high-quality Orlov Trotters and Anglo-Arabians. A little Thoroughbred blood was also added. The resulting horse had an Arabian look, but was larger than the pure breds.

The remaining Strelets, including the two stallions Tsenitel and Tsilindr, were taken to the Tersk Stud in an attempt to increase their numbers. At the stud, the stallions were mated with Arabian, Don, Strelets, Kabarda, and various cross-bred mares, including Strelets x Kabardin and Arabian x Don.

By the 1920s the Strelets had nearly died out. Only two stallions and a few mares remained. There was too much inbreeding of the Strelets so none remained in their original form. Instead, the Arab type Tersk horse evolved with good height and a strong constitution.

The Strelets was energetic, kind and was predominately gray in color.

Riding horse, military mounts, sport horse, circus or stunt mount

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