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First Posted Feb 21,2010
Aug 8, 2010

Horse's Hind End Conformation

Hind End Conformation

  • A Hind leg too straight Commonly known to be one prone to upward fixation of the patella. It can lock and become a chronic problem. The lack of proper angulation in the leg can also create too much concussion straight down through the hock.
  • Stands under (sickle hock) This type of structure is known to be one creating possible hock issues such as arthritis and/or spavins due to the strain placed on the back of the hock.
  • Camped out This conformation has the potential for hock problems. (Arthritis and spavins). A horse who is camped out cannot support his weight correctly. Balance of the hindquarters may be a problem.
  • Cow hocked Cow-hocked conformation creates undue strain on the inside of the hocks and stifle. There is an arc from the stifle to the hoof. It is also common to see a twisting of the hocks which has a wrenching effect to the hip joints, stifles and hocks.

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