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Horse Breeds
First Posted: Oct 4, 2010
Oct 4, 2010

Hot Blood Horses

You have often heard horses referred to as "Hot Bloods," "Warm Bloods" and "Cold Bloods." What does this mean? Generally speaking it refers to the temperament of the horses. Hot bloods tend to be spirited, bold, and learn quickly. They are bred for agility and speed. They tend to be physically refined—thin-skinned, slim, and long-legged. They also tend to have their origins in the warmer climates such as the Middle East, Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, etc. The original oriental breeds were brought to Europe from the Middle East and North Africa when European breeders wished to infuse these traits into racing and light cavalry horses. Also, hot blood horses are those considered in the breeding world to be pure. There is proof of lineage, closed stud books govern the acceptable animals defined in the breed, and all have two purebred parents.

  1. Akhal-Teke Horse
  2. Andalusian, Pure Spanish Horse, Purebred Spanish Horse, or Pura Raza Espanol (PRE) Sometimes the Andalusian is called a hotblood because it is pure, however, it is more generally considered a warmblood.
  3. Anglo-Arab Horse
  4. Arabian Horse
  5. Shagya Arabian Horse Breed
  6. Barb Horse
  7. Spanish Barb Horse
  8. Moroccan Barb Horse
  9. Lusitano Horse
  10. Maremmano Horse
  11. Pintabian Horse Breed
  12. Tersk Horse
  13. Thoroughbred Horse
  14. Turkoman, or Turkmene Horse/Extinct

Horse Breeds