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Horse Competitions

Many different horse breeds and equestrian activities hold competitions worldwide, from local to the international levels. Groups of horses with similar training or characteristics compete against one another for awards and, often, prize money. These competitions are in every type of riding: English, Western and Park Seat. Polo, fox hunting, rideo and other disciplines are also included in this section.

01-07-2011 Barrel Racing
08-27-2014 Carriage Horses
07-22-2010 Competitive Trail Riding
09-26-2010 Cutting Horse Competitions
12-03-2016 Dictionary of Horse Terminology
12-31-2012 Dressage Movements Training
10-14-2010 Dressage at Devon/Padre Makes History
08-30-2012 Dressage Terms
02-15-2014 Driving Horses
07-22-2010 Endurance Riding
06-10-2018 Famous Horses
06-10-2018 Famous Racehorses
03-09-2012 Eventing Competition
09-08-2012 Neville Bardos: A Horse With Heart
02-18-2011 Vaulting

05-28-2013 Fox Hunting In the United States
02-21-2012 Fox Hunting Attire
06-05-2011 Fox Hunting Human Roles

07-25-2010 Hambletonian Harness Race
08-04-2010 Harness Racing/Sulky Racing
08-04-2010 Dan Patch/Famous Harness Pacer

02-08-2018 Claiming Race/What is It?
09-01-2010 Hunter Jumper Competitions
03-18-2018 (Show) Jumping
03-18-2018 Show Jumping Needs Skill, Time and Money
07-28-2010 Jumps (Show Type)
09-01-2010 Snowman/Famous Show Jumper
07-29-2010 Lipizzaner Horse
07-31-2010 Pole Bending
09-04-2012 Polo
01-31-2018 Race Horse Breakdowns
02-16-2018 Horse Racing Form/Reading and Understanding
03-18-2018 Spanish Riding School of Vienna
02-16-2018 Racing Around the World
01-07-2011 Reining Horse Competitions
02-20-2010 Rodeo Events
09-09-2015 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain, Horse Racing on the Beach
06-11-2011 Side Saddle
09-01-2010 Ski Joring
06-08-2012 Soring Horses
12-07-2012 Soring Tennessee Walking Horses
12-07-2012 Soring
04-03-2011 Steeplechase Racing/Hurdle Racing
08-03-2010 Team Penning
08-03-2010 Thoroughbreds
06-07-2015 Thoroughbred Racing Black Tie Affair//Mid-Atlantic States Stallion
06-10-2018 Triple Crown Thoroughbred Racing
06-10-2018 Justify Race Horse/Triple Crown Winner
07-31-2010 Thoroughbred Racing/MD bred filly/Safely Kept
08-15-2010 Virginia Gold Cup 2007 Steeplechase
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2007/Sound
05-27-2013 Virginia Gold Cup 2008 Steeplechase
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09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012/Hats, hats, hats!
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012 Ambiance