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Travel Index (Around the World)

Below are some of our more recent travel trips:

Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Walking with the Lions/Zimbabwe/Bill and Deb Image: Walk with the Lions/Zimbabwe/Deb/Copyright Horsehints.org
Image: CopyrightHorseHints.org/Lion Encounter/Zimbabwe/Deb Image: CopyrightHorseHinats.org/Lion Encounter/Zimbabwe/Bill

South Africa:

South Africa and Zimbabwe Accommodations
Africa, The Big Five
Africa/Eating Game
Boulders Beach AKA Boulders Bay, South Africa
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, Jackass Penguins, Ostriches
Cape Point Lighthouse, Africa
Hout Bay, South Africa
Jackass Penguins
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Capetown South Africa
Robben Island, Nelson Mandela
Stellenbosch Winelands, South Africa
Table Rock Mountain

Shanty Town/Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa
Adventures With Elephants/Johannesburg, South Africa
Mandela House aka The Nelson Mandela National Museum

Zimbabwe and Botswana (Chobe National Park)
Full Day Trip from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Bostwana and Return (Chobe National Park)
Zimbabwe, Africa and Galleries
Zimbabwe, Africa Stones
Zimbabwe, Africa Victoria Falls, Lion Encounter, aka Walk with the Lions

Africa Galleries:
Lion Encounter/Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Elephants: Kruger National Park, Karongwe Private Game Reserve, Elephant Adventure, Crossing Zambezi River and Botswana's Chobe National Park
Some of the Safari Animals We Saw on Safari Outings
Some of the Safari Animals We Saw on Safari Outings Continued
Jackass Penguins, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
A Potpourri of Eclectic Sights from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Bahamas Cruise
07-21-2010 Bahamas Cruise/& Galleries.

04-07-2012 Borneo/& Galleries.

Bruges, Belgium
04-07-2012 Bruges, Belgium/horse pictures

Brazil, Chile and Argentina
07-25-2017 Chile, Argentina and Brazil and Galleries
Galleries: Chile, Argentina and Rio/A Smattering of Random Pictures
04-06-2012 Opera House in Buenos Aires/The Teatro Colón
Argentina/Brazil: Iguazu Falls
Galleries: Argentina and Brazil/Iguazu Falls Views
04-11-2012 Argentina and Wine
Galleries: Argentine Vineyard
04-30-2012 Ipanema Beach Rio Brazil
Galleries: The Patel Family In Chile, Argentina and Rio - A joy!

04-21-2013 Cuba
04-21-2013 Cuba/Buena Vista Social Club
04-21-2013 Cuban Cigars
04-21-2013 Cuban Daiquiri
04-21-2013 Cuba/Helpful Tid Bits to Know Before Visiting
04-21-2013 Cuban Paladars
04-21-2013 Cuba/Salvador Gonzáles Escalona/Artist
04-21-2013 Cuba/Santería Religion

Cuba Galleries:
04-21-2013 Everyday Cuba
04-23-2013 Horses in Cuba
04-22-2013 Out and About in Cuba
04-23-2013 Out and About in Cuba (continued 1)
04-23-2013 Out and About in Cuba (continued 2)
04-28-2013 Out and About in Cuba (continued 3)
04-28-2013 Out and About Cuba (Deb's pictures 1)
04-20-2013 Yank Tanks in Cuba/Pre-Revolution American Cars

Eastern Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro
04-07-2012 Eastern Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro/& Galleries.
06-01-2011 Eastern Europe: Warsaw, Auschwitz, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Helsinki/Galleries
05-30-2011 Some Restaurants: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Helsinki

Egypt and Petra, Jordan
04-05-2018 Egypt/Pyramids/Petra,Jordan/& Galleries.
03-06-2012 Egyptian Hieroglyphics Conversion Chart

Grand Canyon (North Rim), Bryce and Zion
04-07-2012 Grand Canyon/(North Rim)/Bryce/Zion

India (Northern) and Nepal
04-07-2012 India and Nepal/& Galleries.

02-09-2016 Israel Travel (Part1)
01-05-2014 Israel Travel (Part2)
01-04-2014 Baruch/B'esrat Hashem, Besiyata Dishmaya, Alhamdulillah and Insha 'Allah
02-24-2014 Graeme Stone/Our Excellent Israel Guide
01-03-2014 Israel Kafar Bar'em
07-06-2015 Israel Signs
01-03-2014 Streimel, What's In A Hat?
01-03-2014 Tekoa and Tekoa Stables

Israel Galleries:
A Bit of Acco
Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
Interiors Photographed of Holy Places (Churches, Mosques and Synagogues)
Jewel of Wonders/Random Photos/Part 1
Many Faces of Israel
A Glimpse of Israel from the Rooftops

Machu Picchu, Quito, Gallapagos/& Galleries.
08-24-2014 Machu Picchu, Quito, Gallapagos/& Galleries.

Renaissance Festival/Texas & Galleries
03-06-2012 Renaissance Festival/Texas & Galleries

08-30-2012 Russia/St. Petersburg to Moscow/Galleries
08-03-2010 Russian Alphabet to English Sounds
08-03-2010 Russian Balalaika
08-03-2010 Russian Folk Dances

Malta, Sicily and Rome/& Galleries
05-28-2011 Malta, Sicily and Rome/& Galleries

Thailand, Angkor Wat(Cambodia)/& Galleries
04-07-2012 Thailand, Angkor Wat(Cambodia)/& Galleries

Viet Nam/& Galleries.
05-28-2011 Viet Nam/& Galleries.
08-13-2010 Viet Nam My Son
08-13-2010 Viet Nam Silk Making

Helpful Travel Tips and Knowledge

09-08-2012 Conversion Chart Centimeters to Inches for Height
09-08-2012 Conversion Chart Kilograms to Pounds
07-22-2010 Currency Converter (Universal)
08-15-2010 Helpful Travel Calculations Time Conversions, Time Abbreviations, Distance Calculations, Internationl Dialing Codes, Weather and More
08-03-2010 Temperature Converter F-C and Reverse
08-13-2010 Travel Check List

Travel Index