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Rusty Man and Bill

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
Immanuel Kant

Welcome to HorseHints. It is my hope that this site will become one of your favorite informational horse sites! Please share HorseHints with your friends, too. The following are categories that I hope will be of interest to you. The main topics are in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to browse. You can also use the google search. It searches for content on my site, only. The search is located in the upper right hand corner of this index page and another directly below the alphabetical category listing. It is a quick and easy way to find articles that pertain to the information for which you may be searching.

In the upper left hand corner of my home page, is my RSS Feed. Just log on and you will receive e-mail notifications of new articles added to HorseHints, as I research, write them and upload to HorseHints. Internet Explorer 7, Outlook 2007 and newer versions of FireFox have built-in Feed readers. Outlook Express version 6 does not have a Feed reader, but there are a number of Feed readers and feed reading plug-ins available on the Internet. For a free stand alone reader try this one from FeedReader.com Vista comes with a new e-mail system called Windows Mail. I assume that will read RSS but I do not know for sure.

Alphabetical Category List of Horse Related Categories

= Subcategory Index with Many Articles
= External Site

Activities/Horse Related - Calendars, Metro, DC
American Civil War aka War Between the States
Classes, Seminars, Lectures and Volunteer Opportunities/Horse Related
Conservation Corners (Kate's and Deb's)
Cowboys Around the World
Equipment and Products
Facts, Terminology and Tips
Federal Government n' Horses
Feeding Your Horse
Genetics and Horses/Colors and Markings
Horse Humor/Nickers and Snorts
Horse and Cowboy Music and Poetry
Horses N' Dogs Together
Kid's and Big Kid's Corner
Laws and Your Horse
Medical/Horse Health Issues
Places To See/Horse Related
Plants, Trees, Substances,Weeds Toxic to Horses
Reference Links Involving Horses
Research/Studies and Abstracts
Thoroughbred Racing and Related Information
Videos and Slide Shows

Alphabetical Category List of Non-Horsey Information
(Other Helpful Stuff!)

Dog N' Puppy Tips
Kittens N' Cats
Kayaking and Horsing Merge
Nutrition, Recipes and Weight Loss Tips for People
Web Stuff from Cowboy Frank (My Guru!)

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Art Horses in Art and Famous Horse Painters
Index/Art - Many Educational Links
Index/Painters and Horses in Art (Many Articles)
Sport painters and horses as well as educational links pertaining to horses and ancient art, cave paintings and horses, Egyptian art and horses, art time lines, etc.
01-23-2015 Deborah Butterfield

02-07-2015 Index/Horse Breeds-400+
Non-Gaited, Gaited/Pony/Extinct Horse Breeds
More than four hundred breeds listed alphabetically for easy use. Other pertinent breed articles are also included.

02-07-2015 Aegidienberger Horse/Gaited

01-07-2015 African Wild Ass
Arabian and African Horse Breeds
Baladi/Egyptian Horse
01-07-2015 Donkeys aka Ass, Equus Africanus Asinus, Equus Asinus--Used Around the World
01-07-2015 Donkey vs. Horses in Pain
Fleuve Horse/Senegal
Mali and the Equid (Horses and Donkeys)
Sahel West Africa Horses Mules
Sahel Region of Africa
Sudan Country-Bred/Sudan
Western Sudan Pony aka Darfur Pony, Gharkawi or Kordofani Breed

06-04-2014 Rare Horse Breeds

Activities, Calendars, Metro and DC/Horse Related
Area Horse Trails
09-08-2012 Links to Horse Riding Areas/DC, Virginia and Maryland
11-11-2012 Trailriding in Virginia
09-22-2014 Virginia Equestrian Friendly Parks
11-11-2012 Eastern Shore Trailride
10-10-2013 America's State Park

American Civil War
Index/American Civil War Battles and the Horse's Role (Many Articles)
(1861-1865), often referred to as The Civil War in the United States, was a civil war fought over the secession of the Confederate States.
Top Top

Classes, Seminars and Museums on Horse Topics
01-27-2015 Index/Classes, Lectures, Seminars, and Volunteerism
Listings and information of classes, seminars, museum exhibits and volunteerism opportunities dealing with horse related information. This section is time sensitive.

National Sporting Library and Museum

Newest Classes and Lectures at the National Sporting Library: Classes,seminars,Lectures and Volunteer Opportunities

The Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center would like to announce our 2014-2015 schedule of "Tuesday Talks"

February 10th 2015--"Perinatal Foal Care"/Dr. Martin Furr
March 10th 2015--"Equine Behaviour"/Dr. Leslie Sinn
April 7th 2015--"Tools to Diagnose Equine Cardiac Diseases"/Dr. Anne Desrochers

Presentations will begin at 7:00 pm in the library of the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Leesburg, Virginia.
Please contact Sharon Peart at 703-771-6842 or speart@vt.edu for reservations or information.

Volunteers Needed:


Competitons of All Types
09-08-2012 Index Horse Competitions (Many Articles)

08-27-2014 Carriage Horses

Judged exhibitions of horses and ponies.
09-08-2012 Horse Shows
Martin, saved horse have special tie

Conservation Corners
Kate's Conservation Articles
01-3-2007 Index/Farm Management (Many Articles)
Deb's Conservation Research
10-13-2012 Index/Farm Management (Many Articles)

Cowboys Around the World Black Cowboys of the United States 1800's
01-03-2015 Index/Cowboys Around the World
01-03-2015 African-American Cowboys (Black Cowboys)
06-22-2014 Australian Cowboys
01-21-2013 Canadian Cowboys
03-10-2013 Charro Cowboys
03-10-2013 Csikós Hungarian Cowboy/Gulyás
01-30-2012 Cowboys
02-06-2012 Cracker Cowboy
03-10-2013 Gauchos
04-03-2012 Argentina San Antonio/Gaucho Parade
02-05-2012 Hawaiian Paniolo
03-10-2013 Vaqueros

Black Cowboys of the United States 1800's
01-03-2015 Index/African-American Cowboys (Black Cowboys)

01-03-2015 Bronco Sam
06-22-2014 Amos Harris
01-21-2013 Isom Dart aka Ned Huddleston
01-26-2013 Nate Love aka Deadwood Dick and Red River Dick
01-03-2015 One Horse Charley/Black Cowboy
01-26-2013 Willie M. Pickett aka Bill Pickett, the Bull Dodger and the Greatest Cowboy

Equipment & Products (Horse)
09-08-2012 Index/Horse Equipment and Products
Products that I use, articles on horse equipment: bridles, saddles, twitches, longeing, trailer maintenance, surfacing materials, fencing, the tack room and more. Also, new products that I have not used but want horsehints followers to have a knowledge of what is newly on the market.

"OSPHOS® is an injectable bisphosphonate solution for the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses four years of age and older. OSPHOS® inhibits bone resorption by binding to calcium phosphate crystals (inhibiting their formation and dissolution) and by exerting direct cellular effects on osteoclasts. Dechra's OSPHOS® has the unique advantage of intramuscular injection and is a ready-to-use solution that does not require mixing or reconstitution. In clinical trials evaluating 86 horses, clinical improvement is most evident at 2 months post-treatment with 74.7% of the horses experiencing improvement in their lameness score. For horses that initially respond to OSPHOS®, it may be readministered at 3-to 6-month intervals based on recurrence of clinical signs. The improvement seen in lameness scores during the OSPHOS® field trial was achieved in the absence of concurrent corrective shoeing, pain medication or NSAIDs." Dechra

Tildren® (tiludronate) is a product which implements a similar mode-of-action. Tildren, however, requires a 90-minute intravenous infusion protocol for administration.


Facts, Hints, Terminology and Tips
(Many Articles)
01-31-2015 Index/Horse Facts, Terminology and Tips
A myriad of horse related facts, hints, terms and tips.
10-26-2014 Muzzles
06-09-2014 Triple Crown

The average horse produces nearly nine tons of manure a year!

"What's happening (in a gassy horse) is whatever feed is getting to the colon (is producing) a substantial amount of gas. Generally when gas is produced it is because feed is being digested rapidly and the bacterial population in the gut has shifted. Gas is a byproduct of that, so it's really all about the 'bugs' (inside the gut).
Helping the Grassy Horse

N.M. Horse Processing Plant Wins Permit
Update: Federal Judge Haults Plans to Start Horse Slaughters "A meat plant in New Mexico has received a federal permit to begin processing horses...
Federal Judge Christina Armijio of Federal District Court has issued a restraining order to companies in New Mexico and Iowa to start slaughtering horses.

Oklahoma Horse Processing Bill Advances
"On March 18, members of the Oklahoma Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development unanimously passed HB 1999. The bill now moves on to the full Oklahoma Senate for consideration. Meanshile, SB 375 remains pending in the Oklahoma House Committee on Agriculture and Wildlife."

Missouri Location Eyed for Horse Processing Plant

Farrier and Your Horse About Hoofin' It!
09-08-2012 Index/Farrier Wisdom (Many Articles)
Hoof care, bones, hoof problems and your horse.

08-31-2014 Suspensory Desmitis (DSLD) - The Photographic Wedge Study/Shoeing

09-08-2012 Rocker Toe
10-05-2013 Tripping in the Forelimbs


Federal Government Agencies and Horses
Index/Federal Agencies and Horses
Federal Agencies and legislation that affect the horse.
10-14-2013 Black Jack
08-30-2014 Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
12-27-2014 The National Day of the Horse

Feeding Your Horse Lots of information!
04-17-2014 Index/Feeding Your Horse (Many Articles)
04-17-2014 Flax and Your Horse
In order to maintain a healthy digestive system, horses should consume 1.5% to 2% of their bodyweight in roughage daily!
09-08-2012 The Wild Horses

Genetics and Horses Lots of information!
02-23-2014 Index/Horse Genetics (Many Articles)
Coat colors, breeding color calculator, breeding charts, colors and markings, whorls, chestnut coal color tests, footfalls or gaits, hotbloods, warmbloods and coldbloods, mapping the genome, pinto or paint, race horse breakdowns, registry, breed, or type, tobiano, overo, sabino, tovero, wild or feral--Take a look.
New Genetic Research on Quarter Horse Breed:
09-08-2012 Quarter Horse Genome Sequenced
09-08-2012 Horse Genome Project

Horses/Dogs Together
09-25-2012 Index/Eight Articles
Dogs and horses working together.

Horse and Cowboy Music/Composers, Musicians and Poets


05-15-2012 Appaloosa by Gino Vannelli
05-06-2012 Call to Post
05-16-2012 Camp Town Races
05-16-2012 My Old Kentucky Home/Stephen Foster
05-15-2012 Wild Horses/Gino Vannelli
08-03-2013 William Tell Overature/Classical

Cowboy Music and Poetry
The Cowboy's Favorite Music
My dear friend, Cowboy Frank, has a 24 hour continous, non-repeating music and cowboy poetry station. This is quite an incredible undertaking that he has created and he continues to add new music and poetry. For lovers of real cowboy music this is a must enjoy site.

Song Writers and Composers

08-03-2013 Foster Stephen/American Songwriter
05-15-2012 Rossini, Gioachino Antonio/Composer
08-03-2013 Vannelli, Gino/Musician
Horse Humor/Nickers and Snorts
06-02-2011 Index/Horse Humor
Many horse related funnies!

Kid's and Big Kid's Corner
Spend quality time together learning and creating

Index/Cowboys Around the World
(Five Articles)

University of Missouri/Cowboys Around the World

Index/Kids and Big Kids Historical and Varied Information of Interest (Many Articles)

08-30-2014 Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
12-30-2014 Wonder Horses

09-08-2012 Carousels/Make out of Paper
09-08-2012 Cave Paintings at Pech-Merle

Index/Native Americans (Indians) (Many Articles)
12-12-2014 Travois (Native American sled)
Pipe Spring National Monument/Arizona and Horses

Health and Kids

Guide for Healthy and Happy Kids! This URL was provided to me by one of the visitors to my HorseHints.org site. I have looked at this site and determined that it seems to be an excellent, informative site for Children's Health. There is also no advertising on it. I do not want any advertising on my site--just good, reliable information--no agendas.


Laws - Legal Situations and Your Horse
09-08-2012 The Laws and Your Horse
11-31-2013 Equine Legal Solutions
02-16-2014 Horse Liability Release
11-14-2013 Horse Law Cases

Medical Issues/Horse Health Issues
02-25-2015 Medical Index Many Articles (Alphabetically)
Reader friendly information that will shed light on whatever malady your horse may have.
12-17-2014 Annual Horse Vaccines
02-01-2015 Horse's Neck
02-25-2015 Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy (JIE) aka Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE) or Juvenile Epilepsy Syndrome (JES) in Arabian Horses
01-17-2015 Satellite Cells aka Myosatellite Cells
02-01-2015 Bog Spavin

Important and Useful Medical Links Below

02-01-2015 Horse Disease Updates
02-01-2015 FDA Basics
09-08-2012 Animal Drugs and the FDA
IMPORTANT NOTICE: 02-01-2015 FDA issued warning letters to companies marketing the following unapproved omeprazole products

02-01-2015 Veterinary Adverse Event Voluntary Reporting How to Report An Adverse Drug Experience
Veterinarians and animal owners are encouraged to report adverse experiences and product failures to the government Agency that regulates the product. After the product is marketed, data from the adverse experience reports are used to maintain safety surveillance of these products. For approved products, FDA CVM encourages you to contact the manufacturer of the suspect product.

06-09-2014 Report a Veterinary Adverse Drug Reaction to FDA (Form)
09-08-2012 FDA Consumer Health Information: Buyer Beware/Purchasing Pet Drugs on Line
06-09-2014 FDA - The Journey of an Animal Drug through the Approval Process
02-01-2015 Search the FDA Archive
09-08-2012 Medical Dictionary
09-08-2012 Medical Terms Dictionary
09-08-2012National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Diseases
09-08-2012 Reactive Points in the Horse/Video
09-08-2012Treatments for Horses/Drugs
09-08-2012 Wedgewood Pharmacy/RX Compounding

Places/Events to See Horse Related
09-08-2012 Index/Places to See Horse Related

08-30-2014 Caisson Horses-1/3 Batallion HHC Caisson Platoon
06-08-2014 Goodstone Inn/Restaurant/Middleburg, VA
03-05-2014 Middleburg: Sharon Cemetery
01-27-2015 National Sporting Library's Museum

NIH (National Institutes of Health) is one of American's Finest Treasures!

11-08-2014 NIH/US National Library of Medicine-Outside of DC in Bethesda, MD this is an amazing treasure. America's finest!
11-07-2014 NIH/US Medical Library/The Horse: A Mirror of Man
NIH/General Tours of the National Library of Medicine
NIH/Tours of the History of Medicine Division Reading Room and Exhibitions
NIH/Turning the Pages
Anatomy of An Horse is an historical book in the NIH "Turning the Pages" program.

03-09-2012 Festival of San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain/celebrating Saint Anthony

Newest Classes and Lectures at the National Sporting Library: Classes,seminars,Lectures and Volunteer Opportunities

National Sporting Library and Museum
Great Meadow: Moving to the Next Level

At National Sporting Library & Museum
A Sportsman en plein air: C.D. Clarke

MIDDLEBURG, VA - National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) is pleased to announce the opening of A Sportsman en plein air: C. D. Clarke, on view from September 12 to December 28, 2014. The traveling exhibition of twenty-one watercolors and oil paintings, curated by Claudia Pfeiffer, the NSLM's George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Curator of Art, will proceed to Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia, and be on view there from January 8 to April 30, 2015.

Edward Troye and His Biographers: The Archives of Harry Worcester Smith and Alexander Mackay-Smith
September 26 - January 3rd
On view at the Library

Faithfulness to Nature: Paintings of Edward Troye
October 26 - March 29th, 2015
On view at the Museum

NSLM Open House
Poetry reading by Catherine Staples on The Rattling Window
Thursday, November 20th - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Open to the public


Plants, Trees, Substances and Weeds Toxic to Horses
Index/Toxic Plants and Weeds to Horses
09-08-2012 Index Useful Links/Plants, Trees, Substances & Weeds Toxic to Horses

12-10-2014 Most Toxic Substances to Horses


Reference Links Involving Horses/Useful
12-27-2014 Index/Useful Links
Horse related reference links to help you with a variety of quests.
Government Tracking of Congressional Bills

Research - Studies and Abstracts
01-21-2015 Index/Studies and Abstracts
(Many Articles)
Up-to-date research studies and abstracts pertaining to the horse.
Comparison of the effects of enteral psyllium, magnesium sulphate and their combination for removal of sand from the large colon of horses.
01-07-2015 Donkey vs. Horses in Pain
01-17-2015 Satellite Cells aka Myosatellite Cells
09-08-2012 Wiley OnLine Library

Thoroughbred Racing and Related Information
Thoroughbred Index
Thoroughbred racing, Thoroughbred origins, racing terms, famous race horses, jockeys, the Mid-Atlantic States and racing, racehorse breakdowns and much more!

Videos/Slide Shows
07-22-2010 Dressage Fun Video
09-08-2012 Evolution Of The Horse

09-08-2012 Horse Slide Show/Sound
09-08-2012 Charlestown Racing Slide Show
08-15-2010 Horse Videos of Interest
01-29-2014 Horse Agility Video
09-08-2012 Reactive Points in the Horse/Video
09-08-2012 Ski Joring/Sound Our daughter
09-08-2012 Swimming With The Dolphins/Sound/Video
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2007/Sound
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012/Hats, hats, hats!
09-08-2012 Virginia Gold Cup 2012 Ambiance

Alphabetical Category List of Non-Horsey Information
(Other Helpful Stuff!)

Dog and Puppy Tips
09-25-2012 Index/Many Helpful Articles
Need help with your new dog or puppy?

Kayaking and Horsing Merge
Horses and kayaking have many similarities. Balance, personal growth (intellectual, physical and mental), exercise, exploration, enjoying nature, endless learning, sharing experiences with a partner or friends, safety concerns, etc., are all a part of kayaking just as they are for horse-back-riding. In fact, Bill and I have started our kayaking paddling the many rivers and creeks where we used to ride. We see these areas from a water view instead of a land view--it's fascinating!

Index/Kayaking (Many Articles)
Many of our horse trails went along rivers, bays and creeks. Bill and I now kayak and follow many of the waterways we rode.

Kayaking and Aquatic Vegetation
Kayaking Birds Seen
Kayaking Abel Reservoir
Kayaking Boat Ramps and Access Points
Kayaking Bladensburg Waterfront Park/Anacostia River Trail
Kayaking Fletcher's Cove and Boat House
Kayaking Mallows Bay
Kayaking Mason Neck State Park/Virginia
Mason Neck State Park, Virginia/Common Birds Seen/Charts
Kayaking Occoquan Regional Park
Kayaking Pohick Bay
Kayaking Riley's Lock at Seneca Creek/Lock 24
Kayaking Swain's Lock #21, Potomac, MD


Kittens N' Cats
02-07-2015 Carousel-Gardenia (Our New Kitten)

Image: CopyrightHorseHints.org/Carousel-Gardenia @ 11 months
Carousel-Gardenia now 11 months old!

06-09-2014 Index/Kitten Articles

09-01-2014 A Snippet of My Life
11-29-2014 Acupuncture/Human & Horse
10-06-2010 Gambler's Tribute  A Special Horse
04-23-2011 Grieving/Death of Your Horse
10-11-2012 Some of My Oil Paintings

Nutrition, Recipes and Weight Loss Tips for People
01-03-2014 Prancercise/Exercise for Humans
01-03-2014 Index/Nutrition (People) (Many Articles)
People tips for weight control, nutrition, RX identification, diabetes control and recipes.
09-08-2012 Culinary Schools/Health and Nutrition for Kids
Thank you to the children in Ms. Plasse's Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class, Green Mountain Christian School, for providing this link to HorseHints.org.
09-08-2012 How to Lose Weight Fast/Weight Control: Nutrition For All
Thank you, Liz, for providing this link and a big hello to Ms. Deborah Ward's Delaware Classroom! Good job on your research!
Health and Medical Games Thanks to Nancy Hopeck's mentoring group of children at Goodwin Community Center for providing this wonderful resource link.

Travel/Recent + Picture Galleries
Index/Travel and Tips and Knowledge
Recent travel trips from around the world: conversions, calculators, itineraries, etc., as well as galleries.

Israel Trip

02-24-2014 Israel Travel (Part 1)
01-05-2014 Israel Travel (Part 2)
01-04-2014 Baruch Hashem, B'esrat Hashem, Besiyata Dishmaya, Alhamdulillah and Insha 'Allah
02-24-2014 Graeme Stone/Best Israel Guide
01-11-2014 Israel Signs
01-03-2014 Kafar Bar'em
01-03-2014 Shtreimel, What's In A Hat?
01-03-2014 Tekoa and Tekoa Stables

Israel Galleries:
A Bit of Acco
Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
Many Faces of Israel
Interiors Photographed of Holy Places (Churches, Mosques and Synagogues)
Jewel of Wonders/Random Photos/Part 1
Jewel of Wonders/Random Photos/Part 2
A Glimpse of Israel from the Rooftops

Web Stuff from Cowboy Frank (My Guru!)
09-08-2012 Java Scripts From Cowboy Frank
09-08-2012 Setting Up An Internet Radio Station
09-08-2012 Software Recommendations
09-08-2012 Webcam Reviews and Comparisons
09-08-2012 Webam/Setting Up
09-08-2012 Webcams and Speed

Feb 25, 2015
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